How To Participate

GrasslandsLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure provides teachers, students and the general public with informative and interactive ways to learn about grasslands. Join us to:

  • Get students and the public involved in grasslands.
  • Educate students about the importance and conservation of grasslands.
  • Develop an understanding of grasslands as a unique ecosystem.
  • Understand the role of citizens, public land management agencies, and non-governmental organizations in protecting and conserving natural resources.
  • Meet national science education standards as they relate to grasslands.

You may participate in this distance learning adventure in a number of ways:

Register for GrasslandsLIVE

CLICK HERE  to register so that you can keep up-to-date.

After Registering

  • Check out all of the resources on the web site
  • Review the web site for LESSON PLANS  and LINKS  to teach about grasslands. 
  • Click on ASK A SCIENTIST  and submit a question to one of our freshwater scientists. Check back on the web site for the answer.
  • GET INVOLVED  in a service learning project that helps conserve or protect grasslands.
  • CONNECT with us on Facebook at or Twitter at
  • A video of GrasslandsLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventures will soon be available as streaming video.  Please check back soon.

After the Program

  • Please fill out the EVALUATION  and give us your feedback.
  • If you can't join us the day of the webcast, no problem!  The online video and all of the resources will stay on the web site so that you can watch later.  
  • The webcasts will be archived and may be used later in the year or with future classes.


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