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2011 Ferret Release: Connection Youth to Conservation
In late fall 2011, the Prairie Learning Centre worked with Parks Canada and the Chinook School Division to bring 70 students in on another black-footed ferret release within Grasslands National Park. The students played a key role in introducing another 15 ferrets into the Canadian prairie.

America’s Grassland
From the US Forest Service
This is the story of our National Grasslands. These wind swept seas of grass and wildflowers have witnessed the pageant of the frontier, the Dust Bowl, and their reclamation. Managed for sustainable multiple-use as part of the National Forest System, these lands total almost 4 million acres. The USDA Forest Service contributes to the conservation of grassland ecosystems while producing a variety of goods and services which, in turn, have helped to maintain rural economics and lifestyles.

America’s Grasslands: A Threatened National Treasure
From Prairie Public Broadcasting
Grasslands are one of the most threatened biomes on the planet – a biome that is in our own backyard. This video explores the uniqueness of this resource, the complicated reasons we're losing grassland, and the efforts of ranchers and conservationists to protect it.

Chihuahuan Desert Grasslands of Mexico
From Bird Conservancy of the Rockies
The Bird Conservancy of the Rockies collaborates with private landowners there to support working ranches and improve grassland habitat for birds and other wildlife. 

Popular Prairie and Grassland Videos
74 videos from a variety of sources
This list includes videos about the flora, fauna and management of grasslands.

Releasing Ferrets Into Their Prairie Home
From National Geographic
After acclimating to burrow systems and learning to hunt, captive-raised black-footed ferrets are finally prepared to live in the wild. Conservationists from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service work with private landowners to allow these endangered carnivores to roam the prairies of Colorado, where they hope to ensure the recovery of the species as well as protect the grassland ecosystem.

SK PCAP “Conservation Conversations” Video
From the Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan
Join us and learn about the valuable role that ranching plays in Saskatchewan's prairie conservation. The environment and agriculture are closely intertwined. Raising livestock on native prairie grasslands can be a way of sustaining prairie ecosystems, species at risk habitat, and many ecosystem goods and services that benefit all.

Tallgrass Prairie Center Videos
From the Tallgrass Prairie Center
Check out the list of videos from the Tallgrass Prairie Center.

Why Prairie Matters
From Missouri Prairie Foundation
Through increased prairie conservation, restoration, and outreach we can protect and create more wildlife and pollinator habitat, clean more water, sequester more carbon, and bring more beauty home in the landscaping of our communities. Tallgrass prairie and other temperate grasslands of the world are the most threatened, least conserved major terrestrial habitat types on earth. Learn about the many benefits of native prairie and native plants in this video.


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